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Napakaou SDA Church


New church for the village


The need here is to build a new church in the village of Malaliu, on the island of Nguna. This is an off shore island to the main island of Efate where Port Vila is located. The local church members are prepared to pay and complete the slab of the church but they want the visiting group to build from the slab up to the roof and if possible the finishing touches to the building.

Personnel Required

Builders, Plumbers and Electricians. Plenty of local builders prepared to join in and help the team too.


There will be a house in the village for the team.. Accommodation will be basic, the local people can provide some beddings and sheets. But it is advisable that people who come will have to bring in their Mosquito nets, rids, sleeping bags and if possible air mattress.


Yes the local ladies can help with preparing the food for the team. : The island of Nguna is not far from Port Vila, there is easy access to the big shops and markets in Vila, where food can easily be bought. Local people can provide some local fruits and vegetables from their garden, but other things can easily be brought in from Port Vila. However if the group wants to come with a cook of their own the local people can support. But this is something that can be discuss further as time gets closer.


Transport to be arranged. To get to the island, there would be bus ride from Port Vila to a jetty and then catch a 20 minutes boat ride to the island.


No vaccinations, but Malaria Tablets. The team needs to protect themselves from mosquitos, repellents, and sleeping nets would be appropriate.