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Vanuatu Primary School


New dormitory needed for primary School


There is a brand new Primary School started on that island, and the school needs a new dormitory for the children to stay. This primary school gathers for a few villages, some children had to walk long distances to come to the school. So they will reside at the school every Friday they will walk back to their villages to spend the weekend with their parents and Sunday afternoon they walk back to the school to resume classes on Monday that is why they need a place to sleep. It’s not going to be a very big dormitory, as not every students need to sleep at the school, it’s only for those who come from distant villages. A plan and costing will be supplied.

Personnel Required

Yes, it needs builders but there are local people in the community who can help and work with the volunteer team.


The volunteers can sleep in the classrooms, the local people can provide mats for the floor, but it would be nice if the volunteers can come with the air mattress or sleeping bags and mosquito nets.


A person or two in the group who can help to prepare food as the local lady may not have the ability to prepare food. But the local people can supply some local food (fruits and vegetables) The raw food (island food, vegetables or local fruits can be provided but the preparation of it. It would be nice if one or two ladies would come with the group to prepare food to the expectation of the volunteers. But there will be local ladies who will be prepared to help in the preparation of food.


Transport to be arranged.


Malaria Tablets. No vaccinations needed